Why Customization Is The Key To A Whiter Smile [BLOG]

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Been standing in the oral care aisle of your local drugstore a little too long wondering which teeth whitening kit is best?

Then walk out the door, get back in your car, and head to Advanced Dental Associates for the only way to truly whiten and brighten your smile!

We offer customized teeth whitening treatment so you get professional results and all the other great benefits to a sparkling smile. When you come to San Antonio, TX for treatment, your mouth trays are designed with only you in mind and they come with the right concentration of whitening agents that make application safe, convenient, and powerful!

Why Customization Is The Key To A Whiter Smile!

One of the many deficiencies of consumer-grade teeth whitening products is their universal fit. Specifically, store kits include items like mouth trays and strips that are mass-produced into a one-size-fits-all product. While that may sound good in theory, it’s a terrible idea in reality.

Messy strips and ill-fitting trays may or may not completely cover your teeth, and even if they do, chances are they’ll slip around and cause your gums to be exposed to harmful bleaching chemicals.

Although the concentration of these chemicals are low, which is another problem, they can still damage your teeth and gums if applied incorrectly or with poorly-fitting tools.

Along with that, that low concentration of whitening agents is the very reason why even the safest kits from the drugstore won’t get the job done! You’re not saving a dime if you have to keep buying these products over and over to get the results you want.

With a professional, like our San Antonio dentists, you get a nice, snug fit thanks to our customized mouth trays. You also have the luxury of whitening gels that work because we have access to systems you can’t get in stores.

At Advanced Dental Associates, we choose Opalescence, a trusted source for dentists who want to give patients the truly brighter, whiter smile they deserve!

But what else to get with professional customization?

*A Brighter, Younger-Looking Smile*

Because all of us face the physical consequences of aging, we’ve become pretty familiar with what those consequences generally look like. We tend to see someone with dark, stained teeth as older than they may actually be since years of brightly-colored foods and drinks will eventually leave their mark.

So whitening your teeth can immediately restore the youthful brightness of your smile.

And who wouldn’t want to look years younger?

*A Better Sense Of Confidence*

Knowing that your teeth are back to pearly white and your smile looks bright and more beautiful as a result will send a surge of confidence through you that you may have been lacking for awhile.

Think about what you might do differently if you felt more confident. Would you start dating? Would you feel more comfortable at social events? Would that lead to new or closer relationships? Job opportunities? A more fun, fulfilling life overall?

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It’s time to stop weighing your teeth whitening options and start relying on the only option that truly works.

That’s teeth whitening treatment from the professionals!

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