We Offer Dental Sedation Because We Care About You

Sedation dentistry has existed in some shape or form for nearly 170 years. In that time, dentists have learned a lot about how to safely and effectively use dental sedation to help patients receive the oral care they need.

At Advanced Dental Associates, we want all of our patients to know that we care about their oral health. More importantly, we want our patients to know that we care about them as individuals.

We offer three kinds of sedation dentistry at our San Antonio, TX, dentist office. We do this because we know each patient is an individual. We know that not every patient will need or want sedation dentistry, but we make it available to help anyone with dental anxiety so they can receive the treatment they deserve.

If you have dental anxiety, talk to us. If you love someone who is afraid of the dentist, talk to us. We want nothing more than to help you and the people you care about.

If it’s been years since you’ve been to the dentist, start by scheduling a consultation. This will give you an opportunity to ask questions about sedation dentistry and about our approach to dental care, to meet our staff, and to see our office for yourself.

Then, make an appointment when you are ready. You can call us at 210-819-5233 or contact us online.

Your Dental Sedation Options At Our Office

Today, many dentists office sedation in one form or another. Not many dentist offices offer three kinds of sedation dentistry, however.

You do have the option of three sedation options at Advanced Dental Associates, however.

IV sedation is the strongest form of sedation that we offer. It’s fast-acting, and it can to  more precisely controlled than other forms of sedation.

Typically, this is used for patients with severe dental anxiety or patients who are undergoing longer, more complicated procedures. With IV sedation, you will be a twilight state. You won’t feel any pain, and you are unlikely to remember anything that happens during your procedure.

To be able to offer IV sedation in Texas, members of our team had to complete a training course followed by clinical treatment before we could offer this to our patients. We did this because we think it was worth it. We did it because we think you, our patients, deserve every option available to get the dental care that you need.

While IV sedation can take effect quickly, it may take some time for those effects to wear off. If you are receiving IV sedation, you must arrange for a family member or friend to drive you home after your procedure.

Oral sedation is our medium level sedation. Patients with moderate dental anxiety often benefit from this option.

Oral sedation involves taking medication prior to your appointment. Since this is medicine, you will need to allow some time for it to take effect. It’s also why you must arrange for someone else to drive you to our office and back home after your appointment.

Oral sedation also requires training, and only dentists who have demonstrated their understanding of this sedation option can offer it at their practices.

Oral sedation can help patients who need a dental cleaning, gum disease treatment, or other procedures. Call us if you would like to know more about oral sedation, 210-819-5233.

Nitrous oxide is something you also may know as laughing gas. This is part of the sedation that was offered 170 years ago. In that time, dental and medical professionals have learned how to efficiently use this gas to block pain during treatments and keep patients calm and relaxed.

Nitrous oxide is inhaled, which makes it a fast-acting sedation option. Since it is exhaled when you are finished, its effects wear off quickly as well. This makes nitrous oxide a good option for patients with mild dental anxiety.

Again, please feel free to contact our San Antonio dentist office if you have questions about any of our sedation options.

Why Dental Sedation?

Sedation dentistry is used for a variety of reasons. Here are some reasons it might be right for you:

▸ You will remain calm throughout your visit.

▸ You will remember little if anything about your treatment.

▸ You won’t feel any pain.

▸ You won’t gag.

But most importantly:

▸ You will receive the dental care that you need to improve or maintain a healthy mouth.

We offer sedation dentistry for our patients in and around San Antonio because we want everyone to have good oral health.

Call 210-819-5233 or contact us online if you would like to learn more about Advanced Dental Associates or about dental sedation.


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