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Happy New Year San Antonio! Because January brings with it a sense of renewal, we have found that this is always a great time to re-evaluate your overall well-being, including the state of your oral health. This means that even if you’ve been lax about your preventive care in the recent past, you most likely have a chance to start over with a clean slate. But if you’ve been fearful of returning to the dentist, that can be a real problem for you (that will only get worse as time goes on). This is not at all uncommon. You see, millions of Americans have to work through some level of dental anxiety. Knowing this, Advanced Dental Associates strives to make it easy for all of our patients to get back on the right track (and stay there) by offering three types of sedation dentistry (dental sedation) in our office: inhaled sedation, oral sedation, and IV sedation. Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect during your sedation dentistry session with us. Just make sure you call us at 210-819-5233 to get your appointment on the books sooner rather than later!

Why Bother?

For the most part, dental problems won’t get any better with time. They don’t just fix themselves! Something as seemingly simple as a toothache can actually be a telltale sign of a more serious problem like a cavity or an infection of some sort.

A run of the mill cavity is a relatively easy problem to address. Often cavities can be quickly and painlessly treated with a tooth-colored filling. But if left alone, your tooth will continue to be overtaken by decay. And you may end up needing a dental crown or even a root canal to correct the ever-expanding problems in your mouth. Contrary to what you might think, putting off dental checkups and easy treatments doesn’t really allow you to avoid discomfort. It can actually cause you a whole lot more pain and expense later on, and in many cases, it only prolongs the agony that already exists!

We don’t want that to be the case for any of our patients. We are here to make it as easy as possible for you to maintain the healthiest mouth and best-possible smile at all times.

That’s where sedation can help. Let’s talk about some of the options you’ll have available here at Advanced Dental Associates.

Inhaled Sedation

There is a reason that this form of sedation is often called laughing gas. This is a first step when it comes to dental sedation levels. This mild sedative can relieve your nerves prior to an appointment and wear off in time for you to drive yourself home from our office. Here’s how it works: our team fits a nosepiece on you so you can begin to breathe in the mixture. Within a few moments, you’ll feel completely at peace about whatever it is you are having done that day.

Oral Sedation

As you might imagine, oral sedation is the next level of dental sedation. Because it kicks things up a notch, oral sedation is great for any longer treatments or for our patients who have higher levels of anxiety and require more help than others. For this method, your dentist prescribes you a mild sedative to take before you get here. Then you just sit back and relax while we work on your smile. Oral sedation is stronger than inhaled sedation, so you may not even remember anything about your dental treatment. The downside is that oral sedation lasts for a longer period of time, so you’ll definitely need to line up someone to drive you home after your visit.

IV Sedation

IV Sedation is the strongest form of dental sedation available. Accordingly, there is special training and certification involved, so it’s not available at the majority of dental offices. With IV sedation, your dentist can accomplish far more dental work in a shorter period of time. And because it is the strongest option, you are not going to remember any of it. Don’t plan on driving after this kind of session, either.

Take Back Your Smile Today

Contact Advanced Dental Associates in San Antonio, TX, to get started today. Our friendly team, welcoming environment, and dental sedation options will put you right at ease and make it easy for you to take back the health and appearance of your smile in 2019!


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