Seven Reasons You Might Need A Dental Crown In 2017

It’s been said by many people in many ways that you don’t know what you had until you lose it. We know that to be the case at Advanced Dental Associates. Many people don’t appreciate the impact of their teeth on their daily lives until something happens that affects their smile, their ability to eat, or both.

Fortunately, you can restore your smile and the function of your teeth with dental crowns. At our dentist office in San Antonio, we have seen how a single dental crown can rebuild a patient’s self-confidence.

Dental crowns are generally considered to be part of restorative dentistry, and they are one of the many services that we offer in our practice. If you aren’t sure if you could use a dental crown, we have compiled a list of seven reasons you may want a dental crown this year.

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1. Tooth decay

This may be one of the more common reasons that patients get dental crowns.

Ideally, you would notice tooth decay and visit our San Antonio dentist office right away. Unfortunately, that’s not always what happens.

Some patients don’t know that they have cavities until their routine cleanings. Others may not notice their dental cavities until they have already damaged a good portion of their tooth.

In those situations, a dental filling may not be enough to restore the shape and function of the tooth. That’s when a dental crown is the best option.

By removing the decay and reshaping the tooth, we create a support for the dental crown. When it’s bonded in place, the tooth looks natural, and it provides the same biting and chewing power as a real tooth.

2. Broken tooth

Accidents happen. A fall can lead to a broken tooth. Getting distracted can cause you to talk into a pole and break a tooth. While eating a snack, you could bite into something a little too hard and break or crack a tooth.

This is another time when you should a dental crown, and the sooner you can get it, the better.

A broken tooth can be more vulnerable to infections. Repairing your tooth quickly will reduce that risk of tooth decay or something worse.

By placing a dental crown on the broken tooth, you are sealing it and restoring it at the same time.

Again, you can call 210-819-5233 if you would like to find out whether a dental crown is right for you.

3. Odd-shaped tooth

For any number of reasons, you may have a tooth that just looks out of place. It may not be shaped the same as the rest of your smile. It may look short or small by comparison.

This is a time when you could get a dental crown for a cosmetic reason. Your dental crown from Advanced Dental Associates will be made to blend in with the rest of your smile. The crown will be similar in shape and color to its neighboring teeth.

Odds are few people, if any, will know which one is the dental crown.

4. Worn-down tooth

Wear and tear are common as we get older. Anyone who has played sports competitively knows that there comes a time when you just can’t run as fast as you once could.

As we get older, it’s natural to have issues with our muscles and joints. So, it should not be a surprise that teeth can get worn down after decades of use, too.

If one tooth is more worn than others, then a dental crown can bring that tooth back in line with the rest of your smile.

5. Discolored tooth

It is possible for individual teeth to become more discolored than others. This may be due to habitual behavior like how you chew food. This can develop as a result of an injury as well.

In any cause, you can get a dental crown to your discolored tooth looks like the rest of your teeth again.

6. Infected tooth

This is a little different than the situations above. A root canal treatment is often needed to remove the infection. A dental crown can be the final step in the process. This seals the tooth and helps to protect against another infection.

7. Missing tooth

Losing a tooth can make it harder to eat and make you feel uncomfortable about smiling. A dental crown placed on a dental implant is a way you can restore the function of your missing tooth and the appearance of your smile.

Interested in getting a dental crown? Then you need to contact our dentists in San Antonio, TX.

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