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Imagine this scenario … You set aside a little money throughout the year so you can get season tickets to watch your favorite team. When opening day rolls around … you stay at home. The next game comes and goes, too, but you still haven’t been to the stadium.

You continue skipping games and when the season ends, you say to yourself, “I should have used those tickets.”

Seems crazy, right? Well, our team in San Antonio, TX does not want you to do something similar when it comes to your oral health. If you have dental insurance, then you are likely paying for basic preventive care already. You’ve missed your opportunity if you don’t visit the dentist during the year.

The difference is that routine cleanings and exams can spare you from serious oral health problems down the road. If you haven’t already done so, call 210-819-5233 today to set up a dental checkup at Advanced Dental Associates before the end of the year.

Don’t Let the Window Close

Disclaimer: The specifics of dental plans vary, so please check your plan for specifics.

With that said, most dental plans are based on a specified period of time. Your plan may cover all or most of the cost of one or two cleanings and exams each year.

Most dental insurance providers what to encourage preventive care. And besides, preventive care is a much better option than root canals, gum disease treatments, and teeth replacements. Now, we can do all of those things, too, but we’re assuming you would rather avoid tooth and gum infections and lost teeth.

Knowing this, your window is still pretty wide open at this time of year. You have plenty of time to schedule a dental appointment before 2019 rolls around.

Stay Healthy

We realize going to the dentist isn’t as exciting as spending a day watching your favorite team play in person. However, we also don’t want you to miss a day of tailgating and hanging out with family and friends because you have a toothache.

Whether you have dental insurance or not, routine cleanings can help prevent cavities and gum infections. Regular exams can find those problems early, when they are easier (and less expensive) to treat.

If you have insurance, we accept most PPO plan. If you don’t have insurance, we have a variety of payment options. These include cash, checks, major credit cards, and FSA debit cards. We also offer financing options.

You also can take advantage of our in-house payment plan. We have options for individuals and families. This plan includes two cleanings per year, fluoride treatments, an oral cancer screening, and discounts on a range of restorative, periodontal, and other oral health services.

You Deserve a Healthy Smile

At Advanced Dental Associates, we would love for every individual and family in and around San Antonio, TX to have healthy smiles. With our wide range of service and flexible payment options, we can work with you to help make that happen.

Call 210-819-5233 today or contact us online to schedule a dental checkup soon.


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