Selina Estrada

So when I initially first came in, it definitely had been a while since I had work done just because most people are scared of coming to the dentist and so I knew I needed some work done because I grind my teeth. The first day, just coming here, I was nervous just like anybody else but Dr. Malitz did a great job. She was patient and she talks to you and calms you down, she is very gentle. I feel more confident. I am ecstatic about it. I already can see the results having the crowns on. I don’t have as much pain. It feels good to have nicely shaped molars. I do recommend a lot of people. I always tell them, especially now that I have my braces and people are seeing me, I always refer them to there, especially the ones who are scared because I was scared. I was the one who took years to see the dentist and I always tell them “if you feel like that, they are great here. They will take away that feeling of being scared, they are very patient and gentle and you are going to wish you had done it sooner”.


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