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Water Flossing

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Advanced Dental Associates
Water FlossingWater flossing can be described as cleaning around and between your teeth to remove plaque and food debris. Water flossing applies the use of a water flosser and a handheld device that squirts water to the sections you intend to clean. We approve water flossers for use by our patients as they have proven to be more effective at maintaining healthy oral hygiene than string flossers. It is a method of cleaning teeth that is gaining popularity.

Advantages of water flossing

One advantage of water flossing is that it allows easy and effective flossing if you have had dental procedures such as acquiring braces. Despite the argument surrounding the ability to remove plaque by splashing water, tests have shown that the waster flosser allows you to remove plaque around your braces and teeth, keeping them clean and healthy. This is made possible by the hydraulic forces that will enable the water flosser to splash water with pulsation and high enough pressure to remove plaque.

Moreover, water flossing has proven to be more effective than string flossing as it prevents gum diseases such as gingivitis and bleeding gums. This is because the water flosser is gentle and is gentle on the gums in the process of cleaning them. Water flossing reduces chances of hurting the gums.

If you are concerned about wetting yourself as you use the water flosser, you will be glad to know that there is a waterproof handheld flosser you can use in the shower. In addition, continuous use of the water flosser will allow you to get accustomed to it and understand how it works. With time, you will be able to use it ideally without messing yourself.

The evidence supporting the vast benefits of water flossing is strong and conclusive. Check us out for further information concerning this new technology and the benefits you will reap from its adoption.
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