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These Snacks Are Just As Bad As Candy For Kids' Teeth

Posted on 4/25/2022 by Advanced Dental Associates
These Snacks Are Just As Bad As Candy For Kids' TeethMany parents will tell you that candy is an enemy of the teeth. Candy contains sugars that create acids in your mouth, often causing tooth decay. Because sugar can harm your teeth and overall physical health, many dads and moms tend to choose what they think is healthier – that's snacks. Sadly, most of these snacks are as bad for the teeth as candy is. Some of the snacks that can hurt your kids' teeth are:

Dried Fruit

A dried apricot, for example, is better than a candy bar, however, the problem is that eating dried fruits poses the same danger as candy. These fruits stick to the teeth, hence causing the buildup of plaque.

Sports and Energy Drinks

Kids love sports drinks, especially when they are involved in sports. It is important that you inspect the labels to find out the sugar content. Some sports drinks contain as much sugar as cola or other sodas.


Drinking yogurt is good for the body and teeth. Kids need calcium for stronger bones and teeth, and yogurt provides a great source. Nonetheless, many brands of yogurt have high sugar content. Kids who drink yogurt throughout the day tend to subject their teeth to excess sugar, hence increasing the risk of caries and tooth decay.

Almond, Soy, or Rice Milk

Some kids cannot tolerate lactose, so their parents will provide them with non-dairy milk substitutes. However, most brands are sweetened with sugar. If your child is eating the sweetened types of these food items, she is consuming a significant amount of sugar.

Tooth decay affects many kids, and the more you reduce the consumption of these drinks and foods, the better it is for the health of your kids' teeth. To learn more about snacks and how they can damage your teeth, talk to us. We will help you choose healthier snacks that will promote the oral health of your kids.

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