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Oral Cancer and HPV

Posted on 4/11/2022 by Advanced Dental Associates
Oral Cancer and HPVHuman Papillomavirus, also called HPV, may be familiar to you. There are a lot of sexually transmitted diseases caused by this virus. It is known that this virus can cause cervical and male reproductive cancers. However, you may not realize that there is more than one strain of HPV. The risk factors for oral cancer include an oral strain that's strong.

The Connection

In most cases, when someone gets HPV, their body's immune system fights it. Afterward, the body is on guard to prevent re-infection. This all happens without the individual being aware that they have HPV since most people with HPV do not experience symptoms or health problems. Researchers have found that persistent HPV infection may cause precancerous lesions. In the case of untreated precancerous lesions, cancer may develop. Especially in the mouth and throat, these changes and oral lesions are hard to detect. The earlier these changes and lesions are detected, the better.

Knowing More About Oral Cancer

Preventing oral cancer involves knowing the risk factors. There are several risk factors for oral cancer, including poor diet, excessive sun exposure, excessive alcohol use, HPV infection, a weakened immune system, and poor oral hygiene. To reduce your risk of oral cancer, you should change your lifestyle, have routine oral PHV screenings, and discuss the HPV vaccine with your dentist or doctor. Recent research suggests that a vaccine against HPV can reduce oral cancer risk by about 88%. The vaccine works best when administered before exposure to HPV and is not recommended for sexually active adults.

Between 9 and 14 years of age, children and adolescents should receive the vaccine. Vaccinations are given at age 11 or 12 in the form of two shots. Six to twelve months of time is allowed between the shots. Children younger than 13 are most likely to benefit. Children older than 14 are still eligible for the vaccination. Ask your child's pediatrician about getting the HPV vaccine.
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