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Effectiveness Of Zoom Whitening How Many Shades Does It Whiten?

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Advanced Dental Associates
Effectiveness Of Zoom Whitening How Many Shades Does It Whiten?Everyone wants to have pearly white teeth because they symbolize good health and cleanliness. You may practice good oral hygiene but somewhere down the line, you are displeased when you don't get the teeth whiter as you desire. Many things cause the teeth to lose luster, including drinking coffee, wine, tea, and soda. Also, smoking is a culprit, though there are still intrinsic factors that could lead to teeth discoloration. Luckily, there are solutions for whitening teeth that are fast, convenient, and effective. One of these is Zoom Whitening. This treatment works fast and you can get dramatic results within just one in-office visit. You may also have an at-home Zoom whitening system that allows you to continue with your treatment at home.

How Many Shades Can You do with Zoom Whitening?

In-office Zoom treatment whitens your teeth to an average eight shades lighter, sometimes even more. The result will depend on the level of staining. Our dental professional will advise you on the number of shades you can improve as well as how fast you attain the results. When it comes to Zoom light, you are able to get whiter teeth in just a single visit. The procedure can be done in one hour. Zoom light is ideal for people who want instant whitening, perhaps for special occasions such as weddings, or when attending career events like photoshoots and speaking engagements.

Zoom Take-home Treatment

You can use the Zoom take-home treatment to lighten your teeth about six shades. This may only be accomplished within three nights of using the gel, however, the results and speed of whitening will vary depending on your initial teeth discoloration. Also, how much you use your mouthguard also determines how fast you get the results.

You can even have day or night treatments so that you don't interfere with your usual daily routine. White teeth make you feel great as you can easily flash that confident smile. To find out more about Zoom Whitening treatment, contact our dental office today.

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