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What To Do If Your Crown Comes Off

Posted on 3/7/2022 by Advanced Dental Associates
What To Do If Your Crown Comes OffYou have received your crowns and are now enjoying their benefits. Dental crowns are dental restorations placed over a tooth. These restorations are held in place with adhesive, however, sometimes, they can come off, particularly after many years of use. It is crucial you know what to do if a crown comes off.

Find it

If you can, make sure you find the restoration. You may be able to place it back in place. After finding it, clean it first before placing it in the mouth. Since it has been in the mouth, it may be holding bacteria, food debris, and plaque. Once you get it, reapply with special dental cement that you can find in most drug stores. Never use ordinary glue, it contains substances that can harm you.

Visit a Dentist

You may also want to schedule an appointment with a dentist. The dental professional will fit the restoration as soon as possible. If it needs repair or replacement, the dentist will do it. In most cases, crowns and other dental restorations will fall off because they are damaged or too loose. Before you get to a dental office, you may find that the tooth where the restoration was fitted is sensitive. In such as case, put some little clove oil on that tooth. Pick a cotton swab that you use to put the oil. You can find clove oil in most drug stores or in the spice aisle within supermarkets. Make sure you don't wait long to see a dentist.

The moment a dental crown comes off, what remains of that tooth is not very strong and it could bring other dental issues, including pain. Do you wear dental restorations and do you need replacement, repair, or refitting? Come to our dental office and we will do the job. Contact us today.

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