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Do Our Patients Need To Replace Missing Teeth?

Posted on 11/8/2021 by Advanced Dental Associates
Do Our Patients Need To Replace Missing Teeth?The fall of one or more teeth - whether due to trauma, periodontal disease, tooth extraction, or dental agenesis - is a fairly frequent concern, especially in older adults. Although most people think that a missing tooth does not lead to any complications, especially if it is not visible, it is important to know that the teeth function as an aligned system. Therefore, the lack of one of them can trigger aesthetic and functional complications.

Complications Derived From Missing A Tooth

The absence of teeth can lead to a loss of bone mass. When a long time passes from tooth decay to replacement, you could lose a significant amount of bone that will result in neighboring teeth losing support.

Chewing will get difficult if you have any degree of bone loss. The remaining teeth must make a greater effort to fill the gap, the chewing process is deficient and the stomach must work harder to compensate. In addition, it can generate a bad smell due to the storage of food in the missing space.

Storing food can also lead to infections that lead to gum disease. Another consequence is the deformation of the smile. This is largely due to dental migrations, where the teeth neighboring the space will come closer and the opposite teeth will extrude. When dental losses are multiple, the occlusion of the teeth changes, which can cause serious damage to the temporomandibular joints.

Options For Tooth Replacement

There are many options for tooth replacement, and you can choose between dental bridges, dentures or dental implants. These alternatives will prevent bone loss, the development of infections, dental migrations or damage to the temporomandibular joints.

Whether you want a permanent or removable solution, we focus on finding you a functional and durable alternative. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find the best solution to your case.

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