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Be Mindful if a New Medication Causes Dry Mouth

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Advanced Dental Associates
Be Mindful if a New Medication Causes Dry MouthMedications can help, but they can also cause patients to incur troublesome side effects. Some medications tend to dry out your mouth. This can become a serious problem. When your mouth is dry, your saliva cannot wash away the food debris present in your mouth or help balance the pH in your mouth. If food debris is not cleared from your mouth, the bacteria in your mouth feast upon it. As they do, the bacteria excrete acids that eat away at the enamel of your teeth. Over time, the enamel is compromised, and cavities are formed.

Call us For Tips to Overcome a Dry Mouth

If you experience a dry mouth after taking a new medication, be encouraged that there are things you can do to counteract that side effect. The first thing you can do is call us for tips. We want to help you overcome your dry mouth.

Here are a few things to do starting today. Be mindful of your water consumption throughout the day, and try to sip water regularly to keep your mouth moist. In addition, limit your caffeine intake. Caffeine can make your mouth dry. If you naturally live in a dry climate, consider using a room humidifier. Adding a little moisture to the room may help your mouth to retain moisture.

Let us Know About Your Medication

Make your dental exams a high priority. Let us know when you come for your exam what medication you are taking. While medications are one of the most common causes of dry mouth, we can talk to you about other causes as well and help by giving you some practical tips.
We look forward to working with you to remedy or dry mouth, as well as help you be proactive in the future.

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