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Things You Never Want to Do if You Have Veneers

Posted on 10/19/2020 by Advanced Dental Associates
Things You Never Want to Do if You Have VeneersVeneers are an often-used dental appliance which patients choose when dealing with gaps between teeth or cracked or damaged teeth. They are a noninvasive solution which is relatively inexpensive and painless. It involves very little time to place and there is no need for anesthesia. They help add balance and symmetry to the patient's smile by securing a thin tooth colored piece to the face of the natural tooth. It is glued into place after roughing the surface of the tooth to ensure proper bonding.

What Should I Never do With Veneers?

Just like with any dental appliance proper care is necessary to make sure they last for years to come. Because it is simply glued to the tooth patients need to be careful about being struck in the face. Those participating in sports should wear mouthguards to ensure to not incur any damage.

Those patients with veneers should never eat tough meat, hard foods like raw fruit, hard candy, vegetables or ice. They should also never eat taffy or caramel as these could very easy stick the veneer and pull it free. Eating crusty or toasted bread is another no-no.

Another concern with veneers is that they are easily stained. Once stained, they would have to be removed and replaced. So, patients should avoid eating ketchup, tomatoes, red wine, coffee, tea or Colas. All of these will stain the veneer and make them noticeable when smiling, eating or talking. The entire point of a veneer is to make it invisible, right?

Also, other factors which can cause staining and thereby limiting the lifespan of the veneer include smoking and tobacco use. Patients should minimize their alcohol intake because it has been linked to the bonding agent failure and veneer falling off the tooth. Patients who are looking to have veneers placed or already have veneers but have questions should call us.

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