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How Does Sugar Cause a Sensitivity?

Posted on 2/20/2020 by Advanced Dental Associates
How Does Sugar Cause a Sensitivity?Oh, how we love our sweet stuff, but what do we do when it hurts our teeth? Tooth pain is never a good feeling, no matter how severe it is. Having your teeth being sensitive to sugar is usually a symptom of a greater problem and that problem is most likely a loss of enamel on your teeth.

Loss of enamel makes your teeth, makes them more sensitive to not only sugar but to other things as well, such as extreme temperatures of cold or hot beverages. Enamel is the outer protectant that shields your teeth from cavities and decay. When that starts to erode your teeth are at extreme risk for decay, so you should always pay attention to any tooth sensitivity you may feel no matter how slight you think it may be. 

How Can We Substitute for That Sugary Taste?

It is difficult to not want that sugary satisfying taste, but by altering your eating habits just a little you can change a lot. Try introducing some natural sugar into your diet with some fruits, ditch sugar-filled soda once or twice a day and substitute at least one or two glasses of water. Try some sugarless gum every once in a while. No one says you can't have the occasional sweet treat. Just remember everything in moderation. 

If you think your teeth truly are too sensitive to sugar, you can try and neutralize the effects by firstly practicing proper oral hygiene. There are several brands of specially designed kinds of toothpaste promoted and approved by the ADA for sensitive teeth. Also, brush and floss after meals at work. 

We would above all encourage you to call our office to come in for a visit if you are having a difficult time with teeth sensitivity and none of the above options are working for you and let us set you up with an exam and check things out and see what might be going on that we can help you with. We look forward to hearing from you.
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