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How to Remove the Boring Part of Brushing

Posted on 12/30/2019 by Advanced Dental Associates
How to Remove the Boring Part of BrushingNo matter who you are, brushing gets to be boring. It is the same thing. Two minutes of brushing each surface of every tooth, twice each day. It is monotonous and becomes routine.

However, it does not have to be. You do have things that you can do to make brushing a little bit more fun. You can switch out your toothbrush, add in new toothpaste flavors, or even switch out how you floss after brushing. All of these things can make the process of brushing easier.

Ways to Increase the Fun of Brushing

First, you can swap out how you brush. This means that you can go from a traditional toothbrush to a powered one, or you can go back. If you already switched to a powered brush, opting for a traditional toothbrush means you will be paying more attention to how you brush.

Second, you can change what flavor of toothpaste you turn to. Instead of going with traditional mint, why not opt for coffee-flavored toothpaste? Not a coffee fan? Then go with bacon, bubble gum, or even cupcake-flavored toothpaste instead. Have fun with your pick so you look forward to brushing even more.

Finally, after brushing you are supposed to floss, at least once per day anyway. In this instance, you can change up the floss you use so that you look forward to the process of brushing more than you did before.

The problem with brushing getting boring is that you do not put the same type of effort into it. This could result in more cavities or could impact the quality of oral health you have over the long-term. If you have gotten to this point, you need to talk with us. That way, we can do some extra checks on your teeth to ensure they stay as healthy as possible.
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