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How Typical Dental Exams Go

Posted on 7/15/2019 by Advanced Dental Associates
How Typical Dental Exams GoWe know that there are some people that do not come to see us in our office regularly because they are afraid. Dental anxiety is a real thing and can range from very mild to severe issues that prevent a person from getting the help they need.

One of the ways to overcome the fear of visiting our offices is to know what happens when you visit. Knowing what will happen during a visit can help you prepare for it. These are the things to expect during a typical visit.

Asking Questions
All the visits to our office begin by asking questions. Our staff will ask about any problems you may have with your teeth and gums. We may ask about your oral health routine. They will also ask about any medications you are on and any other health issues you may have. It is important for us to know these things because they can impact your oral health and they can affect the things we can do.

In the Dental Examination Room

Once you come back to the examination room, we will start to do more for your visit. If it is for a checkup, the first part of the exam is a visual inspection. We will look for signs of any problems with your teeth and gums. We may use tools that can help us with this exam, including intra-oral cameras. For people who have a problem with their teeth and gums, we will prepare to do any dental procedure. This can include the use of anesthesia and other tools.

During some visits, we will take x-rays of your mouth. For adults, we generally take x-rays every 24-36 months if they have good oral health. A typical visit also includes cleaning of the teeth to remove any debris or plaque buildup we see.

The last part of your visit is when we offer you advice about how to maintain your oral health. We can give you tips on brushing and other ways to keep your teeth happy and healthy.

For more information about this or any other oral health issue, contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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