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Long-Term Effects of Orthognathic Surgery on Mandibular Function and Aesthetics

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Advanced Dental Associates
Long-Term Effects of Orthognathic Surgery on Mandibular Function and AestheticsOrthognathic surgery plays a huge role in the correction of dental abnormalities occurring in the jawbones and teeth. The effects of this surgery on mandibular functions and aesthetics depend on the nature and level of surgery dine, the surgeon's precision during the surgery, the healing process, and the patient's overall dental health. The long-term effects of orthognathic surgery on mandibular function and aesthetics include the below.

Better Teeth Bite

The surgery improves the positioning of the teeth and the jaws hence dealing with the teeth bite issues. The improved bites improve the patient chewing, eating, and speaking abilities.

Facial Balance

Orthognathic surgery helps to maintain a face balance by dealing with the jaws and bone abnormalities. As a result, better face symmetry with an improved balance occurs, giving a more aesthetic facial appearance that is beautiful and pleasing.

Better Breathing Patterns

Some abnormalities within the facial jawbone may lead to the blockage of the airway ducts, which makes the patient experience difficulties in breathing which can also lead to problems in sleeping. Orthognathic surgery improves the airways duct by creating more room for airflow in the airways.

Creates Confidence

Orthognathic surgery builds confidence and healthy self-esteem due to improved facial appearance and jaw functionality. Also, the surgery provides a permanent solution to jaw abnormalities, providing long stability to the mandibular. Hence this consciousness creates confidence and boldness in an individual about their appearance.

Although there may be risks and complications related to orthognathic surgery, successful surgeries always lead to better mandibular functioning and a pleasing aesthetic. However, the risks and complications, such as bleeding, nerve damage, and infection, may be severe; hence it is essential to discuss with a professional dental surgeon before deciding to have this surgery. For more details about orthognathic surgery, please consult with a professional dental surgeon or make consultations with our dental offices near you.

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