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Is Oral Surgery Painful?

Posted on 4/10/2023 by Advanced Dental Associates
Is Oral Surgery Painful?Oral surgery is a dental procedure that focuses on treating the underlying problems in the mouth while alleviating the symptoms. In other words, it restores proper mouth functioning while eliminating pain. Despite this, many patients get nervous when the dentist recommends a surgical procedure. While this is a natural reaction when one realizes they will undergo surgery, it is good to understand that mouth surgery is not painful.

What to Expect During Oral Surgery

Also known as maxillofacial surgery, oral surgery involves incisions on the gums, teeth, and mouth. Before the procedure, an oral surgeon will prepare you to ensure a comfortable and smooth process. This may involve administering a general anesthetic to numb the mouth. If you suffer from anxiety, the dentist may introduce a sedative to help you calm down.

A few hours after the surgery, the numbing effect wears off. The good thing is that a dentist will introduce a pain management routine to help you recover without discomfort. This may involve pain medication, the use of an ice pack, shifting to a soft diet, and having a good oral hygiene

Tips to Avoid Complications after Maxillofacial Surgery

An excellent way to ensure a smooth maxillofacial surgery and speedy recovery is by preparing yourself. You can achieve this by selecting the best oral surgeon. The surgeon you choose will determine the outcomes and the oral health of your mouth. The more skilled and experienced the surgeon, the better results you will get. In this case, it is best to check the reviews to know other patients' experiences with the surgeon.

Another tip for preparing for a maxillofacial procedure is discussing the surgery in detail. Ask questions to know the things to expect. Ensure you understand the risks associated with oral surgery and how to avoid them. For instance, understand how to manage swelling and discomfort while speeding up recovery. Contact us to learn more about maxillofacial surgery and how it can benefit your oral health.
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