Get a Brand New Smile with Same-Day Smile in San Antonio, TX!

Sharon on getting teeth in a day/same-day smile

Missing teeth? Worried that dentures are your only option? Are you wearing dentures that just don’t fit right anymore? You may be looking for a new solution that is permanent and will give you a new set of teeth that act just like your real ones, but how long will that take?

At Advanced Dental Associates, our San Antonio, TX dentist can get you a full set of permanent teeth in just one day!

Using the treatment concept of All-On-4® implant solution, and amazingly high quality Teeth-in-a-DayTM temporary, you’ll leave our office with teeth you’ll be able to use just like the real thing in only a few hours! How is that possible? With dental implants designed to be used right away with same-day smile dentistry in San Antonio, TX!

Getting Your One-Day Smile

Once our San Antonio, TX dentist have determined you’re an ideal candidate for All-On-4 dental implants we will start a four phase process to get you the healthy beautiful smile you deserve!

  • Phase 1. Our dentists will make impressions to make your initial set of teeth and create a surgical guide. This phase can take one to four visits depending on your unique situation.
  • Phase 2. Any remaining teeth will be removed and a temporary set of teeth will be placed.
  • Phase 3. During this phase you will be healing and our dentists will closely monitor you to ensure your gums have completely healed.
  • Phase 4. We will replace the temporary set of teeth we gave you with your new set of long lasting teeth!

Getting Your Permanent Smile

Once you’re done with the initial procedure, we’ll make sure you’re well prepared to heal properly and maintain your oral health. We’ll have you back for a second appointment if needed, that way we can work with you to plan the perfect set of permanent teeth for you. You can select the appearance, color, and everything – your new one day smile will truly be yours!

After healing is complete, you’ll come back one last time. We’ll remove your temporar, thoroughly clean your gums and implants, and then place your permanent set. At that point, you’ll be ready to go with your brand new smile that will stay in place and give you an experience that you can only beat with your natural teeth!

If you are sick of dentures, missing teeth, and just want a brand new smile that you can use NOW, call our San Antonio, TX dentist office today for Same-Day Smile at 210-819-5233, or make an appointment using our online form. We’ll help you get a brand new set of teeth you’ll love, and in just one day!


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