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Make Dentistry Easy With Sedation Dentistry in San Antonio, TX

Fear of the dentist is common, but for some patients, “fear” isn’t a sufficient description. Anxiety or phobia is probably more appropriate, and if you’re one of those patients, we understand! We’ve built our practice around helping people with dental anxiety, and we’re ready to do everything we can to help you! Dr. Villarreal is our in-house expert, and his training can help you feel more at ease.

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For many patients with dental phobias, a trip to the dentist is too terrifying to consider. That leads to staying away from the dentist for long periods of time, even when serious care is needed! Some of the most important dental care you’ll ever receive is preventative care, and without cleanings, decay preventatives, and other standard dentistry practices, you can find yourself in pain and debt when a serious issue happens!

At Advanced Dental Associates, our San Antonio, TX dentist Dr. Villarreal wants to get you back in the chair! Even if you haven’t seen a dentist in years, we can still take steps to repair damage and prevent further harm! To help you get care without fear or anxiety, we proudly offer multiple levels of sedation dentistry in San Antonio, TX – you can relax with ease and not worry about a thing with us!

Inhaled Sedation

Commonly known as laughing gas, inhaled sedation is a great low-level sedative for patients nervous about their dental procedures. Ideal for short-duration appointments or for patients who don’t want to use higher strength sedatives, laughing gas is simple, safe, and quick!

At your appointment, our San Antonio, TX dentist will fit you with a nosepiece that lets you breathe in the gas. It takes effect within a couple minutes, and soon, you’ll be feeling relaxed and at ease. You won’t even care that you’re at the dentist.

Inhaled sedation’s effects wear off almost instantly, so as soon as your procedure is over, you’ll be able to walk out of our office and continue your day without any side effects!

Dental Oral Sedation

If you are coming to us for a longer procedure or have higher levels of anxiety, we can offer you dental oral sedation. Delivered in pill form, your oral sedative is prescribed to you before your appointment. On the day of your procedure, you’ll take the sedative shortly before coming in. By the time you sit down in the waiting room, you should already be feeling relaxed and at ease!

Oral sedatives are much stronger than laughing gas, and you will likely have some mild memory loss while under the effects – this is great for those who don’t want to remember their procedure!

If you choose to use oral sedatives, we will require that you bring someone with you who can drive you home. Our dental oral sedation last for several hours, so you’ll probably end up comfortably in bed once you get home.

IV Sedation

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Requiring special training and certification, dental IV sedation is the highest level of sedation dentistry our San Antonio, TX dentist offer. The IV sedation we use is identical to that found in hospitals that put people into a “twilight state” for some procedures. While you’ll still be awake during your appointment, you won’t remember a thing.

IV sedation is an ideal choice for patients who are scared of the dentist, and we’re proud to be able to offer it! If you’ve ever dreamed of getting dentistry while you sleep, then this choice is ideal for you! The amnesiac properties of dental IV sedation mean that you’ll still be responsive during your procedure, but you’ll only remember counting backwards and then waking up.

The ability for us to control the intensity and duration of your sedation at this level means that we can take care of more complicated procedures in just one visit! As opposed to some treatments that would normally require you to come back for a second or third appointment, you can remain sedated, and we can finish in less time!

Advanced Dental Associates is composed of different dentists with different expertise in the field of dentistry, who are active members of dental societies and organizations like the American Dental Associates, Academy of General Dentistry, San Antonio District Dental Society and many more.

Taking care of your dental anxiety is a priority for us, and we’re glad to offer you any accommodations we can. If you would like to find out more about sedation dentistry, call our San Antonio, TX office today at 210-819-5233! You can also make an appointment using our online form. We look forward to making your dental care experience a good one!


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There are different sedation options and one of those is IV conscious sedation. IV sedation is said to be more predictable and customizable among the others. Watch the video with Dr. Robert Villarreal as he explains the advantages of IV conscious sedation over oral sedation. Find out more about what makes Advanced Dental Associates a great place for all your dental needs, call us today at 210-819-5233! Get connected with us: Facebook - Yelp -