Oral Surgery

Restoring Your Mouth With Oral Surgery in San Antonio, TX

For some patients, surgical options are necessary to achieve the perfect smile, restore damaged or missing teeth, and prepare for dental implants. At Advanced Dental Associates, our experienced San Antonio, TX dentist Dr. Villarreal is fully equipped to perform multiple types of oral surgery, including advanced procedures that can restore bone density! We pride ourselves on being an all-in-one dental practice, and when it comes to restoring the health and function of your mouth, our oral surgeon is ready to do it all!

What is oral surgery? Oral surgery in our San Antonio, TX office is accompanied closely by several sedation options, meaning that if you want to be practically asleep for your appointment, you can be! Dr. Villarreal is able to make your surgery over before you know it, and you won’t even feel a thing.

Soft Tissue Surgery

The loss of teeth means that the bones in your jaw will shrink over time. The oral vestibule, which is the ridge of gums on which your teeth sit, will become smaller and smaller. This means that your dentures will begin to fit less snugly, and there will be less room for us to place dental implants.

To restore the width of your gums and regain the height needed to place implants and support dentures, we can realign the soft tissue and muscles of your mouth. This procedure is all about manipulating the muscles connected to your arches to gain length in your gums.

Bone Augmentation

For patients who have lost a larger amount of bone, soft tissue realignment may not be a possibility. In those cases, we are able to directly augment your bone to help you regain the mass needed to restore your smile!

Bone augmentation can often be done with bone from other portions of your mouth! We are also able to use bone from a donor and synthetic materials that will integrate with your natural bone structure.

Crown Lengthening

If your teeth have been getting shorter with time, you might be nervous about a smile that shows too much gums and not enough teeth. When that happens, we can lengthen your crowns to perfectly reshape your teeth.

Crown lengthening involves the removal of gum tissue to correct a gummy smile or teeth that have lost mass due to grinding, wear, and damage. It’s a great option for patients looking to get a smile that’s all healthy, white teeth!


When teeth have to be extracted, we have the tools to make it happen. We can extract any teeth, including wisdom teeth, and we’ll do our best to make the situation painless! Tooth extraction is always a last resort – we want to help you keep your natural teeth whenever possible! In some instances, however, it’s necessary to protect the health of your other teeth and you!

At Advanced Dental Associates, we take full service seriously, which is why we’ve equipped ourselves for so many advanced surgical procedures. You’ll be able to get the care you need from people you trust when you come to us!

Advanced Dental Associates is composed of different dentists with different expertise in the field of dentistry, who are active members of dental societies and organizations like the American Dental Associates, Academy of General Dentistry, Fellowship status in the International Congress of Oral Implantology and many more.

To find out more about your oral surgery options, call our San Antonio, TX office at 210-819-5233, or make an appointment using our online form. We look forward to helping you meet your smile goals!


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