LANAP Treatment For Gum Disease

LANAP Treatment: An Alternative to Painful Gum Surgery in San Antonio, TX

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Gum disease affects nearly half of the entire population, yet it is something that we don’t talk about nearly enough. The long-term side effects of gum disease can be far-reaching. Gum disease has been linked to heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, and more. With all of these connections, you would think that we would do more to protect ourselves.

The numbers don’t lie. About 50% of the population will deal with a gum disease infection at some point in their life, and many who have an infection now don’t know that it’s there! The statistics surrounding gum disease paint a bleak picture, but a breakthrough in treatment is changing the way our San Antonio, TX dentist, Dr. Long, approaches advanced periodontal disease.

Using Lasers, Not Scalpels

Traditional gum surgery to treat advanced periodontal disease is not pleasant by any means. The doctor has to do quite a bit of work to remove the infected tissue from your mouth, and it will leave you sore for a few days following the procedure. You will have stitches to contend with, and in order to fully repair your gums, you will have to have gum tissue added to your mouth!

The LANAP® approach is a better way to treat your advanced periodontal disease. Rather than using a scalpel, we use an FDA-approved PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser, which is designed to remove damaged tissue without causing harm to your healthy gums and bone! We don’t have to make painful incisions, use stitches, or send you home to bed for a couple of days of recovery.

And who better to complete your procedure than Dr. Long, who is a certified instructor for the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry. You can trust Dr. Long to help you have incredible results!

LANAP® Makes the Difference

Imagine needing surgery to remove damaged tissue and losing a significant amount of your healthy tissue in the process. That’s what traditional gum graft surgery looks like, but gum surgery completed with LANAP® actually improves the tissue previously thought to be unsavable!

Dentists used to have to remove some teeth due to extensive damage from gum disease, but LANAP® has the ability to restore the health of those teeth. It is the only laser treatment proven to regenerate bone growth around the damaged teeth!

You will have very little discomfort or pain during or after the process because the LANAP treatment does less damage and helps you heal faster. You won’t even have as much swelling in your gums because the PerioLase® MVP-7™ targets inflammatory-causing bacteria throughout your treatment.

Is LANAP® Your Choice?

Treating advanced periodontal disease in a timely manner is extremely important for your overall health. Contact our San Antonio, TX office today by calling 210-819-5233 or use our convenient online form here on the website. During your appointment at Advanced Dental Associates, we can discuss your options for treating gum disease and see if LANAP treatment is the best choice for your smile.

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