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Lost teeth can mean your life changes in a big way. You may have trouble eating, sensitivity in your gums, a changing bite – not to mention the potential embarrassment of a half-empty smile! Maybe you’ve considered dentures but weren’t thrilled with the options you had available. Or perhaps you’re already wearing dentures and are finding them less and less snug, prone to falling out at the worst moments.

No matter what your teeth replacement needs are, our San Antonio, TX dentist office can meet your desires! Just ask for Dr. Edwards, Dr. Malitz, Dr.Garcia or Dr. Long. Their expertise will make you confident in your decision!

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Traditional Dentures

You might be surprised to learn that traditional dentures have changed a lot over the years. Materials have advanced in appearance and feel, and better molding and sculpting techniques have enabled us to make dentures that fit far more snug than before!

Traditional dentures are held in your mouth using suction or denture adhesive, if needed. Using a precise impression of your mouth, our San Antonio, TX dentist can create dentures that fit incredibly well! If you only need partial dentures, we can craft a set that will fit snugly around your existing teeth and will stay put throughout the day!

Partial dentures have the added benefit of stabilizing your remaining teeth. As the bone that held your missing teeth shrinks, your remaining teeth can shift, changing your bite and putting you at risk for further tooth loss. Dentures will help prevent that by stabilizing your mouth!

An appointment for a denture fitting will include a full exam to ensure your oral health, an impression of your teeth to build your dentures from, and (for those getting a full set of dentures) removal of any remaining teeth. Once we receive your new set of dentures back, we’ll have you return for a final fitting and adjustment, and you’ll be free to enjoy your new set of teeth!

Implant-Supported And Implant-Retained Dentures

For patients looking to get more stability out of their existing dentures, or for new denture wearers who don’t want to deal with creams, pastes, and slipping, our San Antonio, TX dentist is glad to offer a great pair of solutions to help stabilize your dentures: implant-supported and implant-retained dentures!!

These amazing types of secure dentures provide an incredible amount of support while still allowing you to take your dentures out at the end of the day! Better yet, we can adapt your existing set to fit your dental implant support system!

Giving your dentures implant support involves the placement of several dental implants, often as many as four, in your mouth. Depending on your choice of systems, one of two methods will be used to attach your secure dentures:

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  • Implant-Supported: A bar is attached to your implants, and a series of clips are fit into your dentures. The clips hold your dentures in place throughout the day and make wearing dentures practical again!
  • Implant-Retained: This system uses a series of balls and sockets, which are placed on your implants and dentures, respectively. This system has the advantage of not leaving you with a large metal bar in your mouth at night and delivers the same great results!

Advanced Dental Associates is composed of different dentists with different expertise in the field of dentistry, who are active members of dental societies and organizations like the American Dental Associates, Academy of General Dentistry, Fellowship status in the International Congress of Oral Implantology and more.

Implant supports can give you secure dentures a whole new life, can make eating easier, and can bring you a new level of confidence in your day-to-day life. If you want a better denture solution, call our San Antonio, TX dentist office today at 210-819-5233! You can also schedule an appointment using our online form. We look forward to working with you!


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There are some people who wants to have dentures to replace their missing teeth. Although implants are very much recommended by Dr. Edwards, they still provide natural-looking and comfortable dentures. Watch the video with Dr. Steve Edwards as he explains talks about the dentures they provide in their office. Find out more about what makes Advanced Dental Associates a great place for all your dental needs, call us today at 210-819-5233! Get connected with us: Facebook - Yelp -