Gum Disease Treatment

Tooth and Gum Disease Treatment: We Can Fix Your Smile in San Antonio, TX!

Your teeth have a lot of natural enemies, but none are worse than plaque. Building up daily as you eat, plaque is home to countless bacteria. As the bacteria eat, they produce acids that eat away at the enamel of your teeth, causing decay, cavities, and periodontal diseases. Everyone has plaque, and the risks of plaque buildup can be completely taken care of by ensuring you have proper home hygiene habits and get regular dental cleanings. But when preventative care falls behind and plaque takes over, you are left with damage! Our experienced San Antonio, TX dentist at Advanced Dental Associates can help repair decay and reverse the effects of gingivitis and periodontal disease with our extensive gum disease treatment!

Dr. Edwards, Dr. Malitz, Dr.Garcia and Dr. Long can help you identify if gum disease is a problem. Dr. Long even teaches other dentists how to use advanced laser treatment for gum disease! Call es over, you are left with damage! Our experienced San Antonio, TX dentist at Advanced Dental Associates now to make your next appointment and ensure that you are free from infection.

Gingivitis and Gum Disease

What is gum disease? Gum disease can be frightening, even though the name sounds far worse than how easy treatment can be! Starting off as gingivitis, periodontal disease involves plaque getting below your gum line, which causes bacteria to be able to quickly multiply while being safe from your toothbrush. When that happens, the explosive growth of the bacteria can lead to infections, sensitive gums, and receding gum lines, all of which can spell trouble for the health of your teeth!

Gingivitis is easily treatable and can generally be addressed by becoming more thorough with your in-home dental care. Regular cleaning and flossing will prevent the spread and reverse the effects of gingivitis. When gingivitis advances into gum disease, symptoms can be similar but more severe. While still treatable, we will have to use more advanced techniques to stop the spread of gum disease.

Using a technique known as scaling and root planing, we can restore the health of your gums in as little as one appointment! Scaling and planing involves the use of special tools to remove plaque and tartar from below your gum line – it’s a simple procedure that can save you a load of pain and money later on!

LANAP® Treatment for Advanced Periodontal Disease

Rather than put you through traditional gum surgery for advanced periodontal disease, which can be very painful, our San Antonio, TX dentist uses LANAP® laser treatment here at Advanced Dental Associates. The PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser targets only damaged tissue, so the rest of your gum and bone tissue stays comfortable and healthy. In fact, LANAP® is the only laser treatment that has been tested and approved by the FDA for safe treatment of advanced periodontal disease! Don’t agree to traditional gum surgery until you have found out if LANAP® is right for you!


When tooth decay isn’t stopped in time, it can be necessary to have us complete a filling. As opposed to the metal amalgam fillings of the past, our fillings are tooth colored and made of dental composite, a mix of glass and plastic. This strong yet flexible material closely mimics your tooth’s natural material and looks incredibly realistic as well!

Using dental composite has the additional benefit of giving your filling a better way to distribute force. Metal fillings are very rigid and over time can cause damage to surrounding healthy teeth. Composite will give along with your teeth, leading to safer fillings!

Advanced Dental Associates is composed of different dentists with different expertise in the field of dentistry, who are active members of dental societies and organizations like the American Dental Associates, Academy of General Dentistry, Fellowship status in the International Congress of Oral Implantology and many more.

No matter how plaque has affected your teeth, we can reverse the damage, restore health, and start you on the journey to a bright, happy smile. Don’t delay your gum disease treatment – call our San Antonio, TX office today at 210-819-5233! You can also schedule an appointment using our online form. We hope to see you soon!


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