Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Dental Sedation

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You may be familiar with the benefits of dental sedation – especially if you’ve been anxious in the past about going to the dentist. Sedation at Advanced Dental Associates in San Antonio allows the nervous patient to:

  • Relax so they can receive beneficial dental care.
  • Keep their smile healthy and beautiful.
  • Eliminate fear about possible hidden dental problems.
  • Ease their mind about future dental visits.

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Many people may not be aware of other benefits of sedation dentistry. There are certain unique circumstances where our carefully administered sedation will allow a dental procedure to go much more smoothly. Below, we present three of these not-so-obvious circumstances and their benefits to you.

Relax During an Extended Dental Visit With Sedation

Like many of our patients, your teeth may require several different procedures to give you the radiant smile you want. This is pretty common when performing cosmetic dentistry procedures. Getting an A-list smile can sometimes take a little more time and patience. But who has time for multiple dental appointments these days?

With sedation, we can combine multiple procedures into one appointment to save you time and headache! Oral sedation using a small pill can make an extended dental visit fly by. We will give you a prescription that you can have filled ahead of time – just take the pill before your appointment as directed. You will be quite relaxed and possibly groggy, but you should remain awake and able to ask questions if you want.

Or take advantage of IV sedation – our office’s highest level of sedation. Our trained and certified dentists can put you in what’s known as a “twilight state.” You’ll be awake but you won’t remember anything about your appointment. When the effects wear off, you’ll have a brand new beautiful smile!

Learn About Sedation For Individuals With Intellectual Disabilities

Dental patients with intellectual disabilities may benefit from the relaxing effects of our sedation. For example, an individual with autism may not understand why our staff members are all wearing masks and gloves and may become frightened at the sight. In this case, we might use IV sedation to put the patient in a very relaxed state so that Dr. Edwards and his team can complete their work.

Likewise, some patients with disabilities may not be able to sit for an extended period of time or even a few minutes. Sedation can help them relax to the point they are comfortable in our dental chair.

In the same way, inhalation sedation (usually called “laughing gas”) is great for those children who are naturally fidgety and unable to remain seated. It is perfectly safe for kids and the effects will wear off in just a few minutes after their procedure is done.

Forget About a Strong Gag Reflex With Our Sedation Options

Some of our patients are unable to comfortably sit through a dental procedure because of a strong gag reflex. Having a dentist’s hands and tools near their mouths may be particularly unsettling to them.

If this describes you, choose from any of our sedation options to give you a relaxing and comfortable dental visit – from mild inhalation sedation to IV sedation where you won’t remember a thing. It’s your choice because we want you to get the care you need to keep smiling.

Relax With Our Amenities

Besides several sedation options, you may also want to take advantage of our comforting amenities. Our patients enjoy:

  • Warm, cozy blankets
  • Neck pillows for added support
  • Private patient rooms
  • Longer, relaxed appointment times if needed

Call us today to benefit from dental sedation: 210-819-5233. Our staff is here to make your visit as stress-free as possible!


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