How To Avoid Needing Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is very routine. Our dentists have the right combination of training and experience to help ensure every oral surgery procedure is done right the first time. That doesn’t mean you would look forward to it. Prevention is important in dentistry, and it can help keep your mouth healthy. That’s why we wanted to offer some tips on how to avoid needing oral surgery.

What Oral Surgery Can Be Used For

Help your jawbone be stronger and healthier: Your teeth have roots that extend into your jawbone. This stimulates the bone tissue and helps it stay strong. If you lost teeth, your jawbone may have deteriorated. Bone augmentations are a type of oral surgery to help make your jawbone healthy again.

Remove excess gum tissue so your smile looks normal: If your gums are too big, they can make your teeth look small. Crown lengthening uses oral surgery to remove excess gum tissue. This way, your smile and your teeth look normal.

Remove teeth that have to come out: There are times when removing a tooth is the last option to help you. If a tooth is too damaged from cavities, injuries, or infections, extracting the tooth can be the only way to relieve the pain and keep your smile healthy. This often includes your wisdom teeth.

Help your soft tissues support implants and dentures: Losing teeth can also affect the ridge where your teeth are held. If this has deteriorated as well, oral surgery can strengthen it. This can help dental implants and dentures fit better.

Replace a missing tooth with a long-lasting dental implant: Speaking of dental implants, they need a good amount of healthy bone tissue to work. Bone and ridge augmentations can help dental implants work better.

Tips To Avoid Needing Oral Surgery

Visit our San Antonio, TX dental office for regular cleanings and dental exams. Part of avoiding oral surgery is making sure your teeth and gums are healthy. There are certain things you can look for at home, such as bleeding after brushing or toothaches that come and go. But unless you have the training and technology available at our San Antonio, TX dental office, you still need professional exams. This way, you can spot problems while they are still small.

Dental cleanings are also very important. Our team can remove plaque and tartar that can lead to gum disease. This condition can cause bone loss and teeth to fall out.

Eat well by limiting sugar and carbs. Eating well helps reduce your chances of needing oral surgery in two ways. First, watching what you eat normally means cutting back on sugar and carbs. Harmful bacteria in your mouth love both, so that can help keep your mouth healthy.

Brush and floss regularly at home. Coming into our San Antonio, TX dental office is vital, but that only happens a few times each year. Brushing and flossing regularly at home is an important part of how to keep your mouth healthy.

Doing so limits the food particles in your mouth, which prevents harmful bacteria from getting out of control. This can help prevent cavities, gum disease, and tooth infections. All of this can help limit your need for oral surgery.

Wear an athletic mouthguard when active. Your teeth can easily get damaged when you’re playing football, riding a bike, or doing something else active. If a tooth is severely damaged, it might need to be extracted. Wearing an athletic mouthguard from a sporting goods store can help protect your teeth just like a helmet protects your skull.

Get restorative dentistry treatments while problems are small. It’s almost impossible to have perfect teeth and gums. It’s much more likely that you’ll develop at least a cavity at some point. Damaged teeth, gum disease, and excess gum tissue are not exactly likely, but you can easily suffer from them.

The key to avoiding oral surgery for these is to treat the problems when they are small. For example, a cavity can take a dental filling when small, avoiding the need for a dental extraction. If you lost a tooth, getting a dental implant right away helps keep your bone and ridge healthy.

If You Still Need Oral Surgery, Don’t Worry

It’s best to avoid oral surgery if you can, but if you still need a procedure, don’t worry. Whether it is a dental extraction, bone augmentation, dental implant, or something else, our dental team knows how to take care of you. We even offer sedation dentistry if you need some extra help feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Don’t wait for problems to get out of hand. If you’d like to lessen your need for oral surgery, call us today at 210-819-5233 for your next appointment. A thorough dental exam can help spot problems before they require oral surgery.


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