Getting the Most Out Of Your Full Dentures

Full dentures are amazing. You get a full arch of natural-looking replacement teeth. This lets you chew, talk, and look normal again. Dentures normally last around 10 years. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your full dentures.

Keeping Your Full Dentures Clean

Clean your dentures each night. Because dentures are not natural teeth, you might think that they cannot get cavities. That’s actually true. But that does not mean you don’t need to clean dentures.
Your dentures can collect stains and even plaque and tartar if you do not clean them regularly. Food stuck to your dentures will also rot, giving you bad breath. Make sure you clean your dentures thoroughly every night. This will help them look great for many years to come.

Skip regular toothpaste. However, don’t use regular toothpaste to clean your dentures. Some can have abrasives that work well with enamel but can damage your dentures. The last thing you want is to get less time with your dentures.

Instead, go with either special dentures toothpaste or a dental cleaner. Both are specifically designed to clean your dentures safely, helping them last longer. For both, you will likely have to take your dentures out to clean them, but that’s actually a good thing.

Keeping Your Gums Healthy

Take your dentures out each night. Full dentures rest on your gums. That means each time you chew, you are putting pressure on your gums that they didn’t have beforehand. Plus, the gum-colored base of your dentures uses suction to hold onto your gums and stay in place.

This means you need to give your gums time to rest. Each night, take out your dentures. This helps keep your gums healthy so you can keep wearing your dentures for years to come.

If you have your natural teeth opposite your dentures, be sure to clean them like normal. Full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth. That means all of the teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth. Many people still have their natural teeth on the opposite side. If you have full denture for the top, you can have natural teeth on the bottom.

That means you still need to brush and floss regularly with those natural teeth. Otherwise, you risk getting gum disease which can affect your dentures.

Think about upgrading to implant-secured dentures. Full dentures do a great job, but they put a lot of pressure directly on your gums. That can be a problem for some people. Dentures can also slide around a bit for people.

Implant-secured dentures can help you get more out of this restorative dentistry treatment. These use artificial roots implanted in your jawbone. They are connected to your full dentures. This helps keep your jawbone healthy, but it also takes pressure off your gums. When you bite, the pressure travels down the implants into your bone — just like with natural teeth.

Continue twice-yearly visits to our San Antonio, TX dental office. Gum disease is still a problem. The shape of the gum-colored base of your dentures can also change a bit over time. To get the most out of your dentures, come in twice each year just like normal. Our team can check your full dentures and make sure they’re doing their job.

Keeping Your Full Dentures Intact

Avoid hot water when storing or cleaning your dentures. People know to use hot water when cleaning things. The heat can kill bacteria and help lift stains. That’s why there’s a hot water setting on your washing machine.

However, heat can also warp things. Dentures are not designed for hot water. It can change the shape of the base that holds onto your gums. Even small changes to the base can make it hurt your gums or move around more. Always use cold or warm water with your full dentures.

Take care when taking them out, cleaning them, or putting them back in. Dentures are built to withstand a lot of biting pressure. That’s what they are there for. However, dentures are not designed to withstand pressure from other things.

You’ll be taking your dentures out regularly. Be very careful when doing so. Handling them too roughly could make small changes. Dropping your dentures could damage them. Take care when you handle your dentures to help them last longer.

Store them overnight in cool water. Dentures are supposed to stay wet. If they dry out, it could change their shape a little bit. Even small changes like that can hurt your gums.

When you take them out each night, keep your dentures submerged in cool water. This helps your dentures fit comfortably for years.

Full dentures do a great job at helping you have teeth again. Call us today at 210-819-5233 for your next appointment for dentures.


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