Enjoy Your Life Again With TMJ Treatment! [BLOG]

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Is the soreness in your jaw becoming harder and harder to ignore?

Then stop trying!

You shouldn’t ignore pain anywhere in your body, especially when it’s coming from your jaw or inside your mouth. It could have disastrous effects for your oral and overall health.

Plus, you shouldn’t have to walk around feeling miserable!

If pain in your jaw is getting worse, you might need TMJ treatment at Advanced Dental Associates. We have solutions for jaw joint and teeth grinding problems that are causing you pain and threatening your teeth.

Ways You Can Avoid Painful TMJ Problems

Your TMJ is your jaw joint that’s being constantly used any time you open and close your mouth. Naturally, it can be overworked and thrown out of alignment, which can cause a lot of painful symptoms and lower your quality of life.

There are a few ways you can try to avoid TMJ problems in the first place.

The first is to take care of your teeth. Use them only for chewing your food, not as another set of household tools to tear and rip foreign objects like wrappers or plastic ties.

In the same token, don’t chew on your nails, pens, pencils, or ice cubes. Hard food, candy, and objects will not only wear down, and possibly damage, your teeth, but it can put undue pressure on your jaw, as well.

Another way to protect your jaw joint is to chew evenly. If you’re constantly putting pressure on only one side of your mouth, it could throw your jaw out of alignment.

Orthodontic treatment is another preventive measure you can take to ensure that your teeth are in the right position and that your bite is properly aligned.

Enjoy Life Again With TMJ Treatment!

The body is an amazing machine, capable of healing itself under the right conditions. For example, a good night’s sleep is usually enough to allow your jaw time to heal from a day of normal use.

The problem, though, is that if your TMJ is misaligned, a night’s rest isn’t going to cut it. That’s because a common symptom is nightly teeth grinding, so your jaw never really gets a break from all that pressure and stress.

So to let it heal, you’re going to need some help from our professionals at Advanced Dental Associates.

The good news is that our solutions are easy and effective. We can treat TMJ disorder with a custom nightguard that fits comfortably over your teeth and prevents upper and lower teeth from clenching or grinding against each other. This eliminates the strain and gives your jaw a chance to heal, and for your symptoms to subside all the while.

In no time, you’ll be able to enjoy your life again without the painful symptoms of TMJ and teeth grinding problems!

Let Us Help You Find Relief!

It sure would be nice if you could avoid misalignment of your jaw and all the painful symptoms that follow.

But when you can’t, at least you know that we can help you find relief!

For TMJ treatment at Advanced Dental Associates, call our San Antonio, TX dental office today at 210-819-5233 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.


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