Eliminate Snoring For A Sound Valentine’s Sleep

You’ve just returned with your Valentine after a night on the town, and when it’s finally time to call it a night, that’s when the sawing begins.

Either you or your partner will start to snore like it hadn’t been invented yet. Through the night and even into the morning, that snoring will single-handedly make your morning after a living nightmare – whether it’s you that’s snoring or not.

That’s what makes snoring such a unique problem when it comes to dentistry: It’s the only oral health issue that I can think of which can directly affect another person; interrupting sleep, promoting a general irritability and glassy-eyed stare, turning breakfasts into funeral marches.

But let’s back up a second, because you might be confused as to how snoring and dentistry are even related at all.

It’s time for a quick science lesson, but I promise you that, just like my solution for treating chronic snoring and sleep apnea, it’s will be a simple, painless process!

Identifying Sleep Apnea

First, you must know your enemy in order to defeat him. For our purposes, if you or a loved one has trouble staying asleep because they spend the night preparing enough lumber for a Home Depot shipment, then the culprit could be a condition known as sleep apnea.

There are a few different types of sleep apnea, which are ordered by their severity (some versions of the condition can even cause brain damage or death), all of the different types of the disorder involve a blockage of the airway by a distended portion of the throat and nasal cavity causing a blockage.

Generally speaking, sleep apnea causes the sufferer to actually stop breathing while they sleep, with those breathless periods occurring several times each hour, and can last for minutes at a time.

There are several factors which can cause this condition, some of them hereditary, but the important thing to understand is that, if you do not get treatment for this, it will be more than your Valentine’s Day plans that will suffer: Over time, your quality of life will continue to plummet, you’ll become grouchy over breakfast, and, in the absolute worst case scenario, it could lead to asphyxiation and ultimately death.

No one deserves to die from an easily treatable condition like sleep apnea. Fortunately, I can offer a relatively inexpensive solution that can save your sleep and your life!

Breathe Right And Rest Easy

First, I will order a sleep test conducted by a colleague of mine to determine if you have the disorder, and if so, what type of sleep apnea is present.

Once that is taken care of, I can design a special mouthguard that resembles something a boxer might wear in the ring. The similarity is appropriate to a degree, because in treating sleep apnea, a patient can literally be fighting for their life.

This mouthguard is specifically designed for your mouth to not only ensure maximum comfort (you’re going to be wearing it to bed, after all), but to realign your jaw in such a way as to open your airways and allow for healthy, snore-free breathing.

There are alternative treatments that can achieve similar results, but their difference vary greatly in cost and nature of treatment. The alternative I’m talking about is what’s known as a CPAP machine, which creates a positive airflow from the mouth to lungs by forcing the user to wear a mask that looks like something you’d wear if you were flying a fighter jet – and it’s just as loud.

Paying a lot of money just to have your snoring replaced by a noisy machine might not be for you or your loved one, which is why I offer the simplest effective treatment possible.

There is no sense in letting a problem like sleep apnea continue to erode your mornings into dust and threaten your life in the process, especially when your San Antonio dentist can offer your a cost-effective, life-changing solution.

To discover what it’s like to sleep soundly again, schedule your appointment with me by calling my office at 210-819-5233. You can also secure your appointment by requesting one online. Just click here and fill out a simple form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Don’t let your Valentine’s Day be ruined by that incessant log cutting, and call me to improve the quality of your sleep. It just might save your life!


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