Don’t Let Tooth Decay Ruin Your Halloween Day

Whether you’re a parent planning to take your kids out, have Halloween party plans, or are handing out candy for trick-or-treaters this year, you are sure to enjoy a few sweets on October 31 … and November 1, November 2, and so on. This time of year starts a string of holidays where we have an excuse to indulge our sweet tooth. But be careful not to indulge too much! Too much sugar can lead to tooth decay, especially for kids.

Dr. Edwards and our other San Antonio, TX dentists here at Advanced Dental Associates have a few tips to help you prevent tooth decay this holiday. We also have solutions if you suffer from decayed teeth already.

Limit Your Sugar Intake

When sugar sits on your teeth, it provides the fuel bacteria need to multiply. Bacteria buildup can lead to cavities and gum disease. So whether you’re hosting a Halloween party with lots of sweets and beverages, munching on some candy between trick-or-treaters, or grabbing a chocolate bar out of your kid’s Halloween stash, remember to limit your intake to a serving or two. This is especially true for acidic candy, which eats away at your tooth enamel.

Other foods and drinks like sodas, punch, alcohol, candy apples, chips, and cookies can harm your teeth, too. Keep this in mind during your get-together or your kid’s school party.

If your kids retrieve months’ worth of candy on Halloween, consider giving them a “daily allowance” so that they don’t end up with cavities. And make sure your entire family follows our next piece of advice:

Brush Your Teeth … And Don’t Forget to Floss!

Yes, you’ve heard it before. But during a candy-laden holiday like Halloween, it’s especially important to brush at least twice a day, if not another time after snacking on sweets. Flossing is crucial, too, as all that sticky, sugary candy gets stuck between teeth. Even if you brush, a lot of it remains between your teeth. If you have kids, encourage them to brush and floss, too.

Visit Us for Twice-Yearly Dental Cleanings

We’ve been helping the San Antonio community keep their teeth cavity-free for more than 35 years. We know what it takes to prevent decay and disease, and regular dental cleanings and exams are one of the most important ways to do that. At your visit, we’ll thoroughly clean your teeth, take X-rays and digital images, and discuss tooth decay prevention.

We love getting to know our patients’ families, so if you have kids or other relatives nearby, we’ll be happy to see them, too!

Restorative Solutions for Decayed Teeth

So, you’ve skipped a few dental visits or haven’t really been flossing or brushing like you should. And you’ve always loved sweets. We understand that many things can contribute to decayed teeth, and we have several ways to repair tooth decay and improve the health of your smile.

Tooth fillings
We can take care of mild or moderate tooth decay with dental fillings. We have amalgam fillings for decay on back teeth, as it holds up well under all the force of chewing. We also have composite fillings, or white fillings, which we match to your tooth so that your dental work is virtually undetectable.

Dental crowns
If decay is left untreated long enough, Dr. Edwards or one of our other dentists might recommend a dental crown instead of a filling. A crown covers your entire tooth, and our all-ceramic and zirconia crowns match your teeth for a seamless smile. Our zirconia crowns in particular are incredibly strong and lifelike. We can discuss your options at your visit.

Tooth extraction
Your Advanced Dental Associates dentist will look into all other options before recommending a tooth removal. But sometimes, an extraction is the only option left for a severely decayed tooth. If so, your highly skilled dentist will make sure you’re comfortable the entire time with dental sedation. Choose from nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or IV sedation.

You don’t have to leave an open space in your mouth. Our dental bridges and dental implants are reliable tooth replacement options that we can do right here in our office. Our dental implants are considered a permanent tooth replacement that can last a lifetime. And they can’t suffer from tooth decay.

Call Advanced Dental Associates to Keep Your Teeth Cavity-Free

If you suspect you have a decayed tooth or are ready for a dental cleaning to keep your teeth decay-free, contact our San Antonio dentist office today at 210-819-5233. And don’t forget we see same-day dental emergencies in case you bit a little too hard into that candy apple!


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