Dental Sedation Could Be Good For Your Oral Health

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‘Twas the night before your appointment. All through your head

were thoughts of anxiety, as you lay in your bed.

Then you remembered that you get dental care

at Advanced Dental Associates, not elsewhere.

Then you lie back, all snug in your bed.

Dental sedation calms the thoughts in your head.


Our apologies to Clement Clarke Moore. We know that patients who can’t sleep the night before a dental appointment don’t treat it the same way as children on the night before Christmas.

Dental anxiety can make it extremely difficult for people to get the dental care that they need. If you are someone who has avoided the dentist for years, then we hope you will take a moment to learn about our sedation option.

If you live in or near San Antonio, reading today’s post could help you or someone you love return to the dentist office. If you have more questions when you are finished, please call our dentist office at (210) 819-5233 or contact us online.


IV Sedation Dentistry Can Alleviate Anxiety

IV sedation is the strongest sedation option that we offer at Advanced Dental Associates. It’s a great option for:

■ Patients who have not been to the dentist in years

■ Patients who need a lot of dental care at one time

■ Patients who are terrified of coming to the dentist

If one or more of those sounds like you, then we want you to explain how IV sedation works.

This form or sedation takes effect quickly and can be adjusted as needed throughout your treatment. When you are under IV sedation, you will not feel any pain, and you will remember little or (more likely) nothing about what happened during your treatment.

Many patients who have general anxiety about dental care have told us that the best part of IV sedation is that they have no memory of their procedure.

Often, patients who have avoided dental care for years need extensive care for their mouths to be healthy again. With IV sedation, you can complete your care in a single visit.

For many patients, this makes returning to the dentist much easier. Some of those patients continue to receive routine care with IV sedation. Others will step down to one of our other sedation options once their oral health has been restored.

No matter how much dental anxiety you have, know that we have helped countless patients just like you. There’s a good chance you will run into one of them whenever you visit our office.


Other Forms Of Sedation

Dental anxiety is something that can linger with someone for several years and even decades. You should know that dental care has come a long way since you were younger. At our office, we do everything we can to make our patients’ visits as comfortable as possible.

This includes oral sedation and nitrous oxide.

Patients who choose oral sedation take a pill prior to their appointment. By the time they are seated in our chairs, they are incredibly relaxed. They don’t feel any pain, and they may feel drowsy. As with IV sedation, they often do not remember what happens during their treatments, but they receive the benefits just the same.

For patients with mild anxiety, nitrous oxide is a great option. Nitrous oxide is inhaled. Like IV sedation, it takes effect quickly. Within a minutes, patients feel relaxed and a little happy (thus its nickname, laughing gas).

Nitrous oxide also blocks pain, so you won’t have to worry about that during your routine dental cleaning or other care.


Building Trust

We have learned from listening to our anxious patients that many of them had bad experiences before they came to see us. The memory of what happened made it difficult for them to return to any dentist office.

They might know that they would benefit from regular cleanings and exams. But they need help getting past the emotional barrier created by their bad memories.

This is why we are such fans of sedation dentistry for our patients in and around San Antonio. You don’t want to lose your teeth to decay or gum disease. We want to help preserve your smile. With sedation, you can ease your anxiety. You can get the oral care you need and deserve.

Before you schedule a cleaning, we welcome you to set up a consultation at our office. This will give you a chance to ask questions, to meet members of our team, and to decide for yourself if you want to give dental sedation a try.

Your first step is contacting us online or calling (210) 819-5233.


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