Cosmetic Dentistry Will Spruce Up Your Smile for the Holidays

It’s not too early to start thinking about the upcoming holiday events. After all, you’ve probably already seen some holiday commercials on TV! This time of year, our San Antonio, TX dental office sees a lot of people who want to improve their smiles with cosmetic dentistry for upcoming holiday gatherings.

No matter the occasion, Advanced Dental Associates has been helping the community improve their smiles for more than 35 years, and we’re confident we can boost your smile’s appearance, too! Take a look at a few ways Dr. Edwards and our skilled team can add shine to your smile just in time for your big event!

Spruce Up the Color of Your Teeth

Are years of drinking your morning cup of joe finally catching up to you? Perhaps your evening glass of wine or afternoon cup of tea have made your smile dingy and discolored. If you want to whiten your teeth this holiday season, we have a couple of options.

  • Opalescence teeth whitening: We’ve chosen this trusted brand of professional teeth whitening because our patients have seen incredible results! We’ll fit you for a set of custom whitening trays to ensure the whitening agent stays on your teeth, not your sensitive gums. You’ll wear the trays each day at home according to your dentist’s instructions. In as little as five days, your teeth can be shades whiter! Drugstore teeth whitening can’t give you those results. Make your appointment now, and your teeth will be brighter in no time!
  • Dental veneers: If your teeth have deep stains that are resistant to teeth whitening or if you want a long-lasting solution, we may recommend dental veneers. Your dentist can shade these thin shells of material to a brighter color than your natural teeth, giving you a flawlessly whiter smile in as little as two visits! We have porcelain veneers, durable e.max veneers, and minimal-prep veneers that don’t require as much time to prepare your teeth for bonding. Our veneers can last as long as 20 years. That’s a long time of bright holiday smiles!

Spruce Up the Appearance of Your Teeth

Maybe the years haven’t been so great to your teeth. If you have stained teeth, chipped teeth, misshapen teeth, gaps between your teeth, or even an oddly shaped tooth, consider these cosmetic dentistry treatments.

  • Veneers: That’s right – dental veneers can do more than just brighten your teeth. They can correct all the problems above, giving you a perfect Hollywood smile. You can choose a full set of veneers to change the appearance of your entire smile, or you can have your cosmetic dentist at Advanced Dental Associates create individual veneers that will cover only the imperfect teeth you want fixed. Our veneers not only hide your cosmetic flaws, but they also strengthen cracked or chipped teeth! Some of our patients have even gotten veneers, also known as “instant orthodontics,” to fix a crooked tooth. Call us now to set up a veneers consultation before the holiday season arrives.
  • Teeth bonding: For our cosmetic bonding procedure, your dentist can skillfully apply a composite resin to your teeth to correct many of the same issues veneers fix. Bonding is affordable, quick, and noninvasive, but it doesn’t last as long as veneers. Ask your San Antonio dentist if bonding is a good solution for your flawed teeth.
  • Teeth Contouring: If you have an extra pointy tooth or a long tooth that stands out, this quick cosmetic procedure could be the perfect solution for you! We gently shave off a little bit of tooth enamel on the offending tooth so that it blends into your smile.

Spruce Up the Look of Your Gums

You might be happy with the appearance of your teeth, but not with the appearance of your gums. There’s more to a great smile than just attractive teeth. If you have a gummy smile or an area where your gums cover too much tooth, we have a solution.

  • Gum reshaping or recontouring: This process requires great skill, expertise, and an artistic eye. We can carefully reshape your gums to uncover more of your teeth and eliminate your gummy smile. If your gums look overwhelming and your teeth look too small, visit one of our dentists to see if you’re a good candidate for this procedure.

Don’t Wait – See Your Dentist for a Holiday Smile Transformation

If your smile needs more than a little sprucing, ask your dentist about a smile makeover! Call our San Antonio, TX dental office now at 210-819-5233 to get in and get your smile in shape for the holidays! You can finally be proud of how great your smile looks in all those family photos.


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