Convenient, Comfortable Laser Gum Disease Treatment [VIDEO]

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Bleeding or swollen gums are the first sign of gum disease, the leading cause of tooth loss in Americans. This problem can strike with little to no warning and leave you with a host of dental and medical issues. At Advanced Dental Associates, we are offering elite dental services like laser gum disease treatment.

Many dental office who treat gum disease or periodontists — specialists in treating gum disease — use invasive methods like cutting and stitching the gums. This can require a lengthy recovery period. Dr. Edwards and our dental staff are using innovative lasers to evaporate the gum infection and allowing the teeth and gums to naturally re-attach. In short, we don’t need to use any scalpels or stitches. The laser leads to faster recovery, too!

Here is a review from one of our patients who struggles with serious gum disease. See how the treatment improve her oral health. Don’t let gum disease destroy your smile. Call us today at 210-819-5233 to see if you’re a candidate for laser gum disease treatment.


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