Can One Dental Implant Make A Difference?

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Losing a single tooth may not seem like a big deal … at first.

But for better or worse, we are all too familiar with the fact that a single missing tooth can lead to another lost tooth, which can lead to many lost teeth. It’s a pattern that repeats more often than we would like.

Yet, we also know that we can do something about it at our dentist office in San Antonio. Thanks to the development of modern dental implants, we can create a complete tooth replacement for you or someone you love.

And this may help prevent further tooth loss in the future.

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Find out for yourself what one dental implant can do.


Fill The Gap

First things first, the most obvious benefit of getting a dental implant is that it helps fill the gap in your smile.

Implants were developed as an artificial root. Like the roots of your natural teeth, implants are placed directly into your jawbone.

Modern implants are made with titanium in part because the bone in your jaw will bond directly to this metal. That means as you heal from your implant placement procedure, your jaw will treat the implant the same as it treats any other root.

A dental crown will be attached to your implant. Together, the implant and crown form a natural-looking replacement tooth.

From a cosmetic standpoint, your smile will look complete once again.


Eat What You Want

The appearance of your smile is only part of the reason you should replace a missing tooth.

Each of your teeth serves an important function to help you eat. Some teeth cut into food. Some teeth hold and tear food. Some teeth grind food into smaller pieces that are easier to digest.

A dental implant makes your entire replacement tooth more secure and stable. This allows your dental crown to function as well as any of your natural teeth.

With a single implant and crown, you will be able to keep eating all the foods that you enjoy.


Keep Your Teeth In Position

You may not realize it, but your teeth move a little bit every day. We usually don’t notice much of a change because our teeth provide mutual support for one another. This keeps them in relatively the same places.

If you remove one of those teeth, however, other teeth may begin to drift into that open space. This affects the appearance of your smile, and it can change your bite. Over time, this could make biting and chew more difficult.

As those teeth drift into the open space, other teeth can begin to drift as well. That can compound the problems with your smile and the function of your teeth.

By getting a dental implant and crown, you have something else to fill in the gap. You are replacing the support that you lost with your missing tooth, which helps prevent the drifting described above.


Keep Your Jaw Healthy

Your teeth and your jaw provide benefits to one another. You jawbone holds your teeth in place. Your teeth keep you jaw strong.

When you bite or chew, you also push your roots into your jaw. That pressure causes your jawbone to create new tissue. This is needed to replace old tissue as it is resorbed by the bone.

Without pressure, your jawbone won’t make new tissue. That will cause your jaw to shrink in that part of your mouth as the old tissue is resorbed.

This also raises your risk of further tooth loss. If your remaining teeth drift into a space with less bone tissue to support them, they are more likely to fall out. As you lose more teeth, you will lose more bone tissue across a wider area of your jaw, and the problem gets worse.

Or you can get a dental implant as part of your tooth replacement. The implant, like your roots, will press into your jawbone when you eat. This will create the pressure needed to cause your jawbone to make new tissue, and that will keep your jaw healthy and strong.


What Will A Dental Implant Do For You?

A dental implant can help you restore your smile, eat the foods that you like, keep your teeth where they should be, and maintain your jaw health.

Can a dental implant help if you are missing a tooth? We believe it can.

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