Bonded Teeth For A Perfect Valentine’s Smile

February is here, and with it, so is the usual hand-wringing.

You know what I’m talking about: The closer the 14th gets, the bigger your fears become. I don’t care how well-prepared you are, or if you’ve reserved the perfect table-for-two at your favorite restaurant, or if you’ve managed to get that perfect romantic gift, because as long as your smile is lacking, nothing is going to make up for it.

There’s no bouquet of flowers, no piece of jewelry, no grand romantic gesture that will inspire your Valentine more than simply fixing your smile would.

The worst part of it is that you know it, too. That’s why whenever this time of year comes back around, your insecurities over the sorry state of your smile come flooding back. Those irregular gaps, that broken tooth, that odd chipped incisor – whatever is the matter with your smile, it’s been bothering you the same way for years.

Like those other Valentine’s Days, you’ve tried to overcompensate by making your plans more than they have to be. If you had a smile that could make up for that lost confidence and diminished appearance, then you wouldn’t need to practically kill yourself with all of those plans. You could simply present yourself as the desirable gift, instead. Wouldn’t that be something?

Yet here you are, going through those old motions, still sporting that tired old smile yet hoping for a different, better result this Valentine’s Day. Some would say that’s the definition of insanity, but as a San Antonio dentist with over 35 years, I know that there are a lot of reasons that can keep a patient like you from getting the cosmetic dentistry services they need in order to

And I’m here to tell you that whatever your reasons are, you deserve to have a perfect smile. Even if you were to finally agree with me, what could you possibly do, at this late hour, to give your smile the change that it needs? After all, Valentine’s Day is just two weeks away.

Here’s the part that always makes me smile: I can fix minor-to-moderate smile imperfections in just one easy afternoon appointment thanks to a process called chemical tooth bonding!

What is chemical tooth bonding?

A logical question. A chemical tooth bonding is a procedure that I use to correct a variety of different issues with an unsightly, unattractive, or otherwise damaged tooth. After an examination to determine whether your smile is a good candidate for this procedure, the real work will begin.

The process itself involves using a compound called composite resin to match the color and shape of your natural smile. You and I will select the right shade and tone of the artificial covering, and once you’re happy with your selection, I can begin the sculpting process.

The “sculpting process” is pretty much just like it sounds: After preparing the problem tooth, I will apply the resin to it and shape it to match the ideal, perfect tooth. Then I’ll apply a special curing lamp that will cause that resin to harden into a polished, amazing shape. Once that’s done, you’re done!

This quick procedure can be used to treat a variety of problems that will limit your self-esteem and your personal appearance, including:

  • Reducing spacing or gaps between teeth
  • Covering a damaged, broken tooth
  • Restoring whiteness to a discolored tooth without using bleaching chemicals
  • And many, many more

The obvious benefits of a tooth bonding procedure are its speed and confidence-building. If you call me and manage to schedule an appointment before your date night plans, then I can give you a new smile that will impress your Valentine, hands-down.

But the hidden benefit occurs at a microscopic level. If your original tooth has been injured in any way, a bonded tooth treatment can effectively seal and shield that tooth against further harm, which promotes better overall oral health.

You can only experience these and other benefits if you make your appointment with me while you still can. You aren’t the only person suffering from the inadequacies of an unsightly smile, so you must secure your reservation before your only option is to grin and bear it another year in a row.

To make that change, please call me at 210-819-5233, or fill out a simple form to request an appointment online!



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