Which Foods Help Prevent Cavities?

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, here in San Antonio at the office of Advanced Dental Associates. We got a great response on our last blog, “How Do I Avoid Painful Cavities.” Many of our patients have asked what foods and beverages they should avoid, and which they should eat. For that reason, we’ve decided to dedicate today’s blog to a ‘eat this, not that’ in terms of the ...

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How Can I Avoid Painful Cavities?

Greeting San Antonio! Welcome back to the ongoing blog of Advanced Dental Associates. We recently treated an adult patient who had a cavity. She was greatly surprised because she hadn’t had a cavity since childhood. What she didn’t know was that cavities can happen to anyone who has teeth. Children, teens, and adults all are at risk for developing cavities. Cavities can be painful, and ...

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What is Causing Your Bad Breath?

Hello, San Antonio! It’s another beautiful day at the office of Advanced Dental Associates. A recent conversation with a patient has lead us to dedicate today’s blog post to a rather unpleasant and or smelly topic: bad breath. Do you suffer from bad breath? Bad breath can be embarrassing and damaging to your social interactions and romantic relationships. It’s much harder to ask for a ...

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The Right Veneer for Your Smile Needs

Being able to smile freely is something that many of us take for granted. Never feeling concerned about the way our smile looks or how our teeth are shaped is a luxury. Most patients that we see in San Antonio have never felt that free! Having a smile that you aren’t proud of affects you more than you may realize. The good news is that we have the ability to help you have a better smile! We ...

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Stop Snoring! Get Sleep with a Dental Appliance

Have you ever got that shake in the middle of the night from your partner? The one where they say, “Honey, PLEASE stop snoring!” We see many patients in our office here in San Antonio that have gone through exactly that -- every night! Snoring seems like a harmless thing, but it is affecting you and your family more than you may realize. In fact, many of the patients we have helped to stop ...

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Dental Implants Save Smiles

Times changes when you go from being a child to being an adult. There are many obvious places that you see that, but one of the most interesting for us is in the loss of teeth. When you’re a child and your lose a tooth, you get celebrated. When you’re an adult, you get humiliated! Maybe you had parents who made each lost tooth a fun adventure with the tooth fairy and a special bit of money ...

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Keep Calm! Use Sedation at the Dentist

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a scary experience any more! Many people in our hometown of San Antonio struggle to even pick up the phone and call the dentist because they are so nervous about coming into the office for an appointment. With sedation dentistry, you can put every fear out of your mind! There are many reasons why someone comes to fear the dental office. Most often, it ...

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Welcome to Advanced Dental Associates’ New Web Home!

Notice anything different? We’ve remodeled our website to better suit the needs of you, our patients! This new design will still bring you great informative blogs, information about us and our practice, and the ability to manage your dental care online, but with a great added benefit: a thorough guide to all our services! At Advanced Dental Associates, we are proud of all the great work we ...

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Fear had kept Selina away from the dentist for some time because she was afraid. But when teeth grinding had worn down her molars, she knew she needed to find the right dentist who would calm her ...

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