3 Benefits of Gum Laser Surgery Vs. Traditional Surgery

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If you have gum issues or need substantial dental reconstruction, you’ll want the most pain-free, gentle option available. Our San Antonio TX dental office is focused on providing patients with convenient and comfortable ways to treat dental issues. Whether it’s effectively treating fear or anxiety or even using modern tools to reduce pain and improve healing.

Advanced Dental Associates is using laser dentistry to reshape gums and even treat gum disease infections in the mouth. Today we want to highlight some of the advantages of laser surgery as it pertains to your gum health. We have helped a number of patients using laser therapy. The major difference between laser surgery and traditional surgery is that traditional surgery uses scalpels and stitches to correct problems or to remove infections.

Here are some benefits of laser dentistry. Give us a call today at 210-819-5233 to schedule a visit.

1. Treatment is minimally invasive

We mentioned earlier that the laser dentistry does not use any scalpels and requires no cutting of the gums. Whether we’re reshaping or removing an infection from the gums, the laser evaporates the soft tissues. Not only is there no cutting, but the gums and the teeth will naturally reattach. Once the treatment is over, the patients may experience some tenderness in the treatment areas, but they won’t have to worry about uncomfortable stitches in the mouth.

2. Treatment is faster

Some dentistry takes time. It’s hard to erase years of dental problems in just a few minutes, but the laser can do just that. The treatment is faster than traditional surgery for a number of reasons. First off, it’s virtually pain-free, which allows us to treat more areas of the mouth during the same appointment. Secondly, we have fewer steps to work with. We don’t need to cut away tissue or stitch the gums; the laser does all of the work. 

3. Faster Healing and Less Risk of Infection

One of the risks of traditional surgery is that we need to cut the soft tissue and then use stitches. The stitches close the wound, but anytime stitches are used, there is a risk of infection. It’s possible for an infection to form around the stitches or for bacteria to get inside the wound. The laser eliminates the need for stitches and leads to faster healing, as the tooth the gums will naturally reattach.

These are just a few benefits of laser surgery. Another position is that we can use the laser for a number of issues. We can remove infections in the soft tissue (like gum disease) or even reshape the gums to give you a more even smile.

Dr. Edwards has used laser therapy on countless patients, and our patients love the results. They don’t have to worry about scalpels or stitches and can leave the office feeling good about their smile again. If you have general dentistry needs or more extensive restorative dentistry needs, call our office today, 210-819-5233.


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